The Wind Will Yet Sing




The Wind Will Yet Sing tells a fictional story based on the true history of a tribal mountain people—the Ku-lao Lahu. Through the characters of Chala Shelo and his people, Young shows how the Ku-lao live with much integrity and simplicity, and in harmony with nature, until foreign elements attack their idyllic and peaceful lifestyle. Forced to defend their village, people, land, game and even beliefs against various bands of marauding attackers, the Ku-lao must rely upon their great hunting skills. But are these hunters and their chief prepared and strong enough to fend off superior numbers of enemy groups with modern weapons?

While their origin might always remain a mystery, the Ku-lao Lahu can still be found in certain remote mountains. In this book, Young unleashes his storytelling prowess to share an enduring tale of their admirable courage, humor, perseverance, hard work and resilience.  Having had opportunity to be intimately acquainted with the Ku-lao—even living, hunting, feasting and suffering with them—Young is able to capture the poetic dialogue and real metaphors they used, as no on else could.  Every episode is based upon true experiences and events in Ku-lao life since about 1932. Woven with drama, action, and adventure, The Wind Will Yet Sing hooks you as it unearths an incredibly absorbing culture and heritage that will remain endearing to those who recognize its beauty and value.

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